Dr. Esperanto’s International Language
Introduction & Complete Grammar
by Ludovic Lazarus Zamenhof

Zamenhof launched his 'second language for everyone' in slim fourty-page booklets in five languages, Russian, Polish, French, German and English. Zamenhof not himself proficient in English had his brochure translated specially. Unfortunately it was a very bad translation and had to be quickly withdrawn. Fortunately a second version in English was translated from the Russian original by Richard H. Geoghegan and published in 1889. Authorised by Zamenhof this historic document is now available again in print and on the web.

In print - Edited and preface by Gene Keyes, 2nd edition 2007, Halifax, Nova Scotia:  Verkista

On the web at http://www.genekeyes.com/Dr_Esperanto.html#Cover