Books by Irish authors that have been translated into Esperanto

  1. “She stoops to conquer”, a comedy in five acts, by Oliver Goldsmith, translated by Motteau.
  2. “Gulliver in Lilliput” by Jonathan Swift, translated by Maud Inman.
  3. “Saome”, a play by Oscar Wilde, translated by Hindrik Jan Bulthuis.
  4. “Voyage to Faremid” (a continuation of the story of the voyages of Gulliver) by Jonathon Swift, translated by Frederiko Karinthy.
  5. “Pygmalion”, a play by George Bernard Shaw, that was staged in Warsaw in 1959.
  6. “The Hound of Ulster”, the life of Cuchullan, translated by Joy Davies.
  7. “The Midnight Court”, (Cúirt an Mhean Oiche) by Brian Merriman, translated by Albert Goodheir.
  8. “The Playboy of the Western World”, by John M Synge, translated by Albert Goodheir.
  9. “The Importance of being Ernest”, by Oscar Wilde, translated by W. Auld.
  10. “The Ruba’iyat of Omar Khayyam”, translated from the English translation of Edward Fitzgerald.
  11. “The Gaelic language in Scotland – Today and Yesterday”, by Garbhan Mac Aoidh.

Appendix 2: Translator’s Notes

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