Places to stay in Ireland

Ireland has some hosts too.  Look in the service's Address Book under Ireland.  Look for Northern Ireland under Britain (used as an abbreviation for the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland).  Check the maps in the address book.  Irish places to stay are clearly marked.

Sometimes these hosts can suggest others elsewhere in Ireland which are prepared to accept Esperanto-speaking guests free of charge.

pasporta servo

Everyone who owns a copy of the address book like the one above has the right to use it to find a place to stay overnight.  This right is not linked to any other kind of membership.  It is not part of the Esperanto Association of Ireland or of any national or specialist Esperanto organisation.  You only need to be able to speak Esperanto. That is the easy part.

Esperanto means Hospitality

The Passport Service / Pasporta Servo of TEJO, the World Organisation of Young Esperantists, is a unique service that was started away back in 1974. While providing a service to Esperanto-speaking hosts and guests, at the same time it demonstrates, easily and clearly, to the outside world that Esperanto is hospitable and works in practice. Many people learn Esperanto only because they want to travel by means of Pasporta Servo. You've never heard of it? Let us explain.

With Pasporta Servo it is possible to travel inexpensively. It is an international hospitality network. You can stay with over 1450 hosts in 91 countries who appear in the 2010 address book. At the beginning of every year a new address book appears. If you consult the internet you can check all the latest information.

Very simple, isn't it? And if you hitch-hike, you only have to pay for food while you are travelling. This is an excellent way to get to know countries and people with the help of Esperanto hospitality.