Why learn Esperanto?

It's fun to learn a new language that's more regular and flexible than other languages usually are.

It's good for your self-confidence to master another language.

It helps you learn about the general functioning of languages.

You will find it easier to learn another language later on, if you want to.

You will support a good idea based on a neutral foundation and aiming to remove the walls between peoples and create friendships instead.

You will get access to the transnational culture which accompanies Esperanto.

You will find alternative international sources of information.

You will be able to gain insight into foreign cultures relatively easily.

You start to communicate on the same aspirational level with people from other countries.

You can go to interesting and fun events all over the world.

You can usually stay as a guest for free with Esperanto speakers around the world.

You can travel cheaply to various training seminars.

You can become active in international organizations, learn a lot about how those organizations work, and organize stuff yourself.

You can become experienced in international and intercultural relations.

You will find new friends in a various countries and use the internet in new ways.

The only way you can check out whether Esperanto is a positive transnational doorway for you is to see if the points above are true!