Girvan brings Auld's master piece to English


Through the offices of Lulu Publishing Girvan McKay has published a second edition of his book of translations of Auld. Entitled “William Auld Esperanto Poet in Translation” it includes three translations of Auld’s magnum opus: “La infana raso” - into English, edited by István Ertl, Scots and Gaelic! These versions can also be read on the web pages of the Academy of Esperanto Literature, They can also be downloaded.

The new edition can be obtained in A4 format, 12 point text and soft-covered. Search by clicking on: Books and then enter Auld in adjacent box. Some readers had found that the first edition's typeface was too small to be easily legible.  The A4 format and 12 point font make the new edition much easier to read.

Price: €12.27 + postage and packing. Bulk orders reduce the cost of postage and packing.

A New Portal for News

Nunonia ('Nuno Nia' or 'Our Now') is a new news portal in Esperanto. It has a smart professional appearance and a direct newspaper style. It is to some extent similar to the much-missed website 'Ĝangalo' (Jungle). Make your way to to see Esperanto in action. Of course if you find it difficult to understand why not get Google to translate it for you? The translation may leave something to be desired, but each portion can be compared with the original text as you move along. This is a great learning tool in itself.


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