About the Esperanto Association of Ireland

The Esperanto Association of Ireland is the official organisation for Esperanto speakers in the island of Ireland. 

The main objective of the association is the promotion of the supra-national language Esperanto.

The Association is politically neutral except for matters relating to the aims of Esperanto itself.

The Association is a constituent member of the World Esperanto Association based in Rotterdam.

Many people believe that the issue of an agreed common language or lingua franca for international communication has in practice been solved.  They point to the widespread adoption of English in tourism, education, commerce and international activities across the world.  However this state of affairs is creating a fundamentally unjust and discriminatory system.  Native speakers of English are privileged but everyone else must spend years learning it.  This situation is brought about by economic pressures, largely unregulated and not subject to democratic control.  It grants privileges to native speakers of English and requires everyone else to spend years trying to acquire it.  Even then they may remain at a disadvantage to native speakers.  Meanwhile their own languages and cultures become second class and increasingly disadvantaged on the world stage.  This is true also for varieties of English, which differ from the dominant version spoken in the United States of America, currently the world’s most powerful economy.  We here in Ireland have seen the rapid loss of the island’s ancient language and culture.  Perhaps in world terms on a smaller scale but in similar process.  We have also observed how in other countries, whose language and culture have similarly suffered, these can been maintained through special efforts and provisions.   

The adoption of the fairer solution offered by Esperanto requires a wider and deeper appreciation of the destructiveness of currently uncontrolled forces.   Appreciating the importance of this issue can be compared to appreciating the even bigger current destruction by human activity of many species and fauna on the planet.  The Esperanto movement set out in 1996 the context for an equitable and efficient solution in its Prague Manifesto, reprinted here.  Its statements remain even more pertinent in the 2020s. The qualities of the Esperanto language itself are referenced within these web pages in the section labelled ‘Language’.   On this page are listed some of more immediate aims of the Association .

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The Esperanto Association of Ireland

  • enables members across the island to collaborate and socialise
  • provides information about the language, its culture and aims and responds to enquiries
  • assists learners to acquire and exploit the language
  • assists Esperanto speakers on visiting Ireland
  • publishes an official bulletin, Nova Irlanda Esperantisto, internet and Facebook pages
  • acts as subscription agent for many Esperanto periodicals and magazines
  • maintains a small lending library
  • represents the Repbublic of Ireland on the World Esperanto Association
  • collaborates with similar associations in other countries
  • represents Irish Esperanto speakers on national and international bodies
  • works with other organisations seeking equity in language matters