Welcome to E@I’s website!

We are an international organisation of young people who support international cooperation and communication in the whole world by realising educational projects and supporting intercultural learning and the use of languages and Internet technologies.


Education@Internet (E@I) was founded as a politically neutral non-government youth organisation in 2005.  It depends on the expertise of an international team which work on internet projects.   It has been active under this name from 1999 as an organisation without legal personality.

The vision of E@I is that of a world in harmony and peace, in which all citizans can quickly and easily communicate with the entire world.

E@I initiates and supports projects with the international help of volunteers, organises educational and cultural events, which work hand in hand with the goals of the organisation, and informs about the importance and usefulness of non-barrier international communication.

Basic information

E@I is a civic association registrated on 14.11.2005 by the Ministry of the Interior of the Slovak Republic according to the law 83/1990 Zb. under the registration number VVS/1-900/90-26994.

  • Official name: E@I (Edukácia@Internet)
  • Type: Civic association
  • SK NACE: 94992 Činnosti záujmových organizácií
  • Founded: 2005
  • Place of residence: Víťazná 840/67A, 95804 Partizánske (Slovakia)
  • Office: Dom služieb Alfa, Februárová 2, 95801 Partizánske (Slovakia)
  • IČO: 42013551
  • DIČ: 2022492879
  • E@I’s bank account:
    Account name: EAI
    IBAN: SK7552000000000008887398
    Address of the bank:
    OTP Banka Slovensko, a.s.
    Februárová 152/1
    SK-958 01 Partizánske, Slovakia
E@I works in more than one language, but principally in English and Esperanto.  In recent years it has become particularly successful and well-known through its ambitious annual event SES – Summer Esperanto School.