Tools for Learning Esperanto

Esperanto – pronounced Es-pe-RAN-taw – rhyming with ‘hand saw


Books (in and out of print, shortlist only)

Teach Yourself Esperanto 1957, 2nd Ed 1967  Authors: Cresswell and John Hartley  No audio materials

Teach Yourself Esperanto 2018   Authors: Tim Owen and Judith Meyer  Excellent new course. expensive but worth it, downloadable audio resources

“Elementary,…”  a first course based on Gerda Malaperis – novelette   EAB 2007  Authors:  Angela Tellier et. al   CD resources

Pasporto al la Tuta Mondo 1993 Edi Studio Pisa   Author: Paul Gubbins  All in Esperanto – really needs an accompanying  teacher 



Internet (in order of popularity with wide range in quality)

Duolingo  US game-style app but aimed at all ages, very popular, discussion groups

Lernu!  European network site with various courses and materials

Esperanto Variety Show – Lernu kun Logano  US off-beat videos

Alex Miller Videos  US actor with apparently causal style, sound teaching sessions over growing series of short videos

Esperanto Lessons by American Esperantist on YouTube  12 lessons grammar centered 

Kurso de Esperanto –    traditional 12 lessons

et al“Elementary,…”  a first course based on