Passport Service

The  Passport Service provides guests free hospitality and over-night stays – provided they speak Esperanto.   Its website is maintained by the World Esperanto Youth Organization (TEJO).  From time to time there is also a printed list of hosts covering more than eighty countries

In practice there are usually more people in a region willing to act as hosts than any listing suggests, but they often only reveal themselves when potential guests have already made themselves known. This is certainly the case on the island of Ireland.  Hosts normally expect guests to stay for no more than three nights, but such matters are open to personal negotiation.

It is often claimed that the Passport Service / Pasporta Servo is one of the positive benefits of speaking Esperanto.  Certainly it is a practice which often brings pleasure to both parties, guests and hosts.  Established as a service more than half a century ago it is now considered a distinctive feature of Esperanto culture.

Although guests must speak Esperanto to be accepted by a host, here is a link to a recent map of where hosts are to be found!