Bilingual for Beginners

Du-lingvaj paĝoj por komencantoj

For many years the back page of the Association’s official bi-monthly bulletin Nova Irlanda Esperantisto has been dedicated to a short item of general interest whose text appears in Esperanto and English side by side.  The content of the items varies widely but is often drawn from the popular magazine Monato, which is devoted to matters of general interest outside the world of Esperanto, or from the long-standing magazine Scienca Revuo, whose subject matter is evident from its title.

Although there are no notes to accompany the parallel texts a dictionary should answer readers’ queries.  The attraction of the passages for the less experienced is their intrinsic interest and the straight forward language used.  They are also short and easily digested!  The texts are re-published here in a similar fashion to their original format, but divisions into paragraphs have been modified in places to suit on-screen presentation.

Most of the Association’s bulletin is published in Esperanto but Tra la Mondo is an important section devoted to news of Esperanto interest from around the world. This is published in English.  The bulletin is distributed to all subscribing members of the Association.