Esperanto : A Language for the Global Village

Copyight © 2002 Sylvan Zaft (1935-2015).  Here is a list of chapters for this electronic edition of Zaft’s book Esperanto: A Language for the Global Village.  You may make electronic copies and paper copies for your personal use, and you may freely distribute verbatim copies which include this notice provided that you do not charge for these copies.  You may not post this material to any web site.  You are invited to insert links to this web site.  This book and three others by the same author – Mastering the Correlatives, 14 Tales from the Esperanto and Peter Jameson’s Secret Language – are available on Amazon Kindle. Here


1. The Dream and the Reality

2. From a Dream to a Reality

3. The Ultimate Authority in Esperanto

4.  Spelling Esperanto

5. Pronouncing Esperanto

6. Ambiguity or Understanding

7. Where English is an Easy Language too

8. The Cost-Benefit Ratio

9. Real Life Experiences with Esperanto

10. No Stumbling over Idioms

11. Word Formation in Esperanto

12. The Pattern-Making Power of the Human Mind

13. One Word – Many Words

14. Can Feelings be Expressed in Esperanto

15. A Minor Difficulty of Esperanto

16.  A Major Difficulty of Esperanto

17. Two Ways to Form New Words

18.  Two More Difficulties of Esperanto

19. A Fine Literary Language

20. A Still Easier Language?

21. The Propagandists and the Raumists

22. Esperanto and Education

23. The resistance to Esperanto

24. A Unique Language for the Whole World