The materials for this presentation of John C Wells’ course come from the EAB i.e. Esperanto Association of Britain on condition that they are NOT made available for re-sale.  Copyright rests with that Association.  The brochures can be downloaded from the EAB site.  They are in ‘pdf’ format so are easily printed.

Note that the original course was published in two parts entitled Jen Nia Mondo 1  (blue-coloured Lessons 1-12  with its vocabulary listed at the end) and Jen Nia Mondo 2 (yellow-covered Lessons 13-25 with an index of the materials in both booklets but no vocabulary list).  In this presentation the two parts remain separate.  The author John Wells had published the leading bi-directional dictionary in English and hoped it would be used.  

As the Jen Nia Mondo brochures were last reprinted in 1997, the details of addresses etc are out of date and society has ‘moved on a bit’ since then.  However Professor Wells published a thoroughly revised and rewritten second edition of his dictionary entitled ‘English Esperanto English Dictionary‘ in 2010.   This edition is highly recommended.

The original publication Jen Nia Mondo included no solutions for the exercises.  The sample solutions provided here are the responsibility of this website.   Similarly the notes in blue panels are the responsibility of this website.

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Lesson 1