A Short History of the Esperanto Movement in Ireland

By Liam Ó Cuirc, translated by Ken Keable.

The original Esperanto version was first published in 1996 by the Esperanto Association of Ireland.  The internet version has been extended to bring matters more up to date.  All versions are copyright, however permission for use via any medium may be obtained from the Association.


Chapter 1: Richard Henry Geoghegan – Pioneer of Esperanto

Chapter 2: Other early pioneers

Chapter 3: Groups, Associations and Leagues

Chapter 4: The Movement from 1930 to 1933

Chapter 5: 1934/ 35 – The Golden Years

Chapter 6: 1936-39 and the Second World War

Chapter 7: The post-war Movement1

Chapter 8: 1953 –  1968

Chapter 9: The Great Congress of 1969

Chapter 10: A New Beginning

Chapter 11. Events 1990 – 1994

Chapter 12. Events 1995 – 1996

Chapter 13. Ending the 20th starting the 21st

Chapter 14. Actions on the European stage

Chapter 15. Events 2003 – 2012

Appendix 1: Books by Irish authors that have been translated into Esperanto

Appendix 2: Translator’s Notes

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